FrontEnd Developer Interview in Paytm


Getting a good job in an MNC is a dream of every job aspirant. Being skilled and good knowledge in your area of study is not adequate enough to land you in a good position in an MNC but rather coupled with skill and knowledge, you should also be able to present a good resume to get noticed by top-notch MNCs.The resume is the first point of contact between a candidate and an employer. The hiring manager always has to whittle down big piles of resumes. So, making this first impression a good one is critical in getting ahead in one’s career.

Once your CV is shortlisted, you will get a call from HR for the first technical round. The first technical round is to test your basics of JS and React JS. The interview will continue for min. 45–60minutes.

Round 1:-

  1. Tell me about yourself. : (Mandatory question)
  2. Reverse a string
  3. Anagrams question, to print anagrams in an array of strings.
  4. Core JavaScript concepts like Hoisting, Closure, Prototype inheritance, etc.
  5. Explain Debouncing and Throttling with the help of code.
  6. Polyfills for Es6 functions like Object.assign(), Map.
  7. How to pass data from child to parent component.
  8. Array.push and Array.multiply methods implement in a given array.
  9. Connect in react.
  10. Call, bind, apply methods with examples.
  11. What is currying in JavaScript?
  12. PWA concepts like service and web workers, indexedDB, Websql, Client-side storage techniques, their usage i.e. when to use what and differences b/w them.

Technical front-end interviews are difficult. That’s a fact. Not only do you need to have a solid knowledge of computer science, but also an understanding of things like build systems, web performance, and CSS layout engines. So, You need to work very hard to acquire a job in top companies.

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